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Audit Conseil Services S.à r.l.

Audit Conseil Services S.à r.l.

Audit company, member of the Institut des Réviseurs d’Entreprises.

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Full Description

ACSe partners with its Clients in the performance of any type of audit engagement it is appointed for. Its objective is to bring added value to Clients in their day-to-day business and to support them in their adaptation to today's fast-paced changing environment.

ACSe also partners with major service providers in complementing their services offer and acting as an independent party for specific transactions. ACSe serves institutional clients of the private equity sector, as well as Luxembourg-based CSSF regulated entities (Banks and Professionals of the Financial Sector).

1. Specific legal audits

Clients seeking to obtain an independent audit report in the context of specific transactions may call upon Audit Conseil Services for the following services: Preparation of contribution in-kind valuation reports; Preparation of independent audit report in case of a change in the legal form or cross-border change in the legal seat of company; Preparation of independent audit report in case of a merger, absorption, or other corporate transaction; Appointment as auditor to the contractual liquidation of companies.

2. Internal audit of financial companies

ACSe offers internal audit services to banks and Financial Sector Professionals by way of supervising their internal audit function (training, preparation of internal audit plan and work plans, implementation of technical support, etc.) or, as the case may be, by sub-contracting the entire internal audit function.

3. Statutory audit

ACSe also acts as Independent Auditor (“Réviseur d’Entreprises”) or Statutory Auditor (“Commissaire aux Comptes”) for companies, in a wide area of activity sectors. The signature of the partner in charge of the audit shall bind ACSe.

4. Organizational consulting

The current business and regulatory environment requires companies to continuously adapt their organization to ever-changing rules, business objectives and internal constraints. ACSe accompanies its clients with hands-on and value adding involvement into change management. The range of services offered includes risk management projects, coaching of teams/departments executives and employees, acting as change management projects facilitators as well as managing reorganization projects.

5. Additional services

ACSe also conducts the following service engagements:

SOC 1;
SAS 70;
projects assistance or certification;
Agreed-upon procedures on financial information; and
Overall assessment of control environment and/or procedures.




283, route d’Arlon Strassen Luxembourg

Telephone Number:

+ 352 27 47 32