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Circle Partners

Independent fund services company founded in 2000.

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Full Description

Circle Partners, founded in 2000 by three partners, Erik Kuijl, Sükrü Evrengün and Pieter-Jan van der Pols, is a privately owned and independent fund services company with offices in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. We provide corporate trust and fund administration services to a wide range of investment funds, special purpose vehicles, companies and foundations, domiciled in onshore and offshore jurisdictions. We work closely with our clients’ legal and tax advisers, banks, brokers and auditors.

With a staff of 50, we offer a boutique approach, combining local presence with an international reach. Our clients appreciate the direct lines of communication with staff, management and principals alike. We are committed to going the extra mile in satisfying – and exceeding – clients’ needs and expectations.

Fund administration
We provide a comprehensive range of customised fund administration solutions to clients. We take care of all day-to-day middle and back office functions, so that clients can focus solely on the management of their funds. We advise a range of clients, from established firms to independent managers launching start-up funds. We provide services to clients managing onshore and offshore funds, comprising both traditional and alternative assets.

Our services include fund administration, fund set-up and fund structuring. We deliver a seamless, integrated service, through the use of cutting-edge technology and timely, accurate and customised reporting.

We know how important technology is and invest heavily to ensure our fund administration solutions are at the forefront of the industry. Our technology is state-of-the-art and globally recognised.

Corporate and legal
We advise clients, helping them navigate the changing regulatory and legislative landscape across different jurisdictions. We offer a full range of supplementary fund administration services. Our staff are based across the locations that our clients’ funds operate in; this on the ground presence and in-depth local knowledge ensures investors receive services of the highest quality.

We are a one-stop-shop for clients looking to launch start-up funds; we are there to advise at every step of the pre-launch and launch phase, and beyond. Equally we can recommend outstanding external service providers across different jurisdictions that can be appointed to the fund.
Our range of supplementary services includes: Domiciliation and management services, Corporate secretarial services, Incorporation services and Legal services.

In an environment of increasing regulatory requirements and growing investor needs, we understand that timely and accurate reporting is critical to the success of an investment fund. We meet all our clients’ reporting needs, including the provision of financial, regulatory, tax and statistical services:
– Financial reporting
We prepare quarterly, bi-annual, and annual financial statements. We work with Caseware and have, together, developed a bespoke application that prepares and compiles financial statements under IFRS and Dutch GAAP.
– Regulatory reporting
We provide the relevant regulatory bodies in the respective domicile of a fund with the appropriate financial information in the required format at the correct interval (all as prescribed by law).
– Tax reporting
We provide the tax authories with information specific to the holdings in the funds which we have been appointed adminstrator of.
– Statistical reporting
We are able to provide the relevant governing body with information on gross assets, the leverage applied and any additional information required.



26 rue Louvigny L-1946 Luxembourg

Telephone Number:

+352 27 400 994