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GALUX is an independent accounting firm.

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Full Description

For GALUX, This optimization is not simply limited to investing in savings products.

Tax optimization is especially to anticipate and act accordingly to be in the best situation when you do your tax return.

We are able to advise you effectively but as in the medical domain, prevention is better than cure! Come see us in time!

You should consult us in two cases: if your family or economic situation changes or if you are planning an investment.

A non-exhaustive list of changes to family or economic situations in which it is worthwhile to contact us:

You have just bought your home: please contact us when the sales agreement is signed.
You have just moved to Luxembourg and your spouse remains abroad.
You want to sell a property which is your primary residence or any other property.
You let out your property for the first time
You get separated or divorced from your spouse
You leave Luxembourg and thereby become non-resident.
You want to transfer your assets

Similarly, we are able to assist you in planning your different types of investments:

Real estate investment: whether to buy your primary residence or a rental property, the tax aspect is determining the return on your investment. In addition, we are also able to establish a full financial and tax simulation to help you make your decisions;
Investment in preparation for your retirement: in order not to lose too much purchasing power in retirement, you should provide well in advance;
Investment to protect your loved ones.

The buying and selling of real estate is a typical situation requiring a good example prior fiscal analysis.

Indeed, the purchase or sale of real estate is often the result of a long and complicated process. You have to take into account many factors such as location, the condition of the building, etc. But the future tax impact is often overlooked and once the purchase and renovations have been made it is often too late.




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