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M.M. Warburg & Co (Lux)

Based on mutual trust and respect.

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More than two centuries, during which M.M.Warburg Bank Hamburg never lost its independence as an owner-controlled private bank. Significant changes were taking place when it was founded in 1798. Tariff barriers and the guild laws were falling; free trade was finally becoming a reality, and the economy was booming. Europe was experiencing a great increase in prosperity.
Private banks such as M.M.Warburg & CO played their part in making this possible. A lot has happened since then. Banks that started out with us then are long since history, and today's world shows that sustaining one's position for such a long time cannot be taken for granted.

Yet in our view there is something even more important than a bank's position, and that is its attitude. That is why we will never lose sight of what it means for people to place their money in our hands. It is a sign of trust. And it is our goal to continue to ensure that we earn this trust every single day, as we have done for over 200 years.

Custodian Bank Service. When experience finds the right location.

Upon first glance, it might seem that the work of holding and administrating securities is more of an administrative than a location-dependent nature. However, as an experienced custodian bank, we recognised the good conditions that Luxembourg offers back in the 70's and made it part of our location decision – a decision that our clients still benefit from today.

The Luxembourg financial centre not only provides effective structures, but also allows us to offer custody solutions for all relevant areas that are tailored to our clients' needs without attracting unnecessary attention.



2, Place Fran├žois-Joseph Dargent, L-1413 Luxembourg

Telephone Number:

+352 424545-1